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Effing Worms - Xmas Effing Worms - Xmas

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This game is awesome!I love it!I love seeing everyone getting eatin.My score is 760,258,245.Beat that!


Story-So, you're a worm seeking revenge because Santa Claus gave you a crappy gift.You travel to the North Pole and while you're trying to kill Santa, you kill his little Elvs, Deer, Animals, Yetis and, even Spagetti.

I like the story, Overall for the story is 10/10!

GamePlay-You can use the WSAD or the Arrow keys.Pretty easy.Not much I can say about this.

I like the controls, Overall for the controls is 10/10!

Creativity-I find this very Original.The concept of it is really good.

I think the Creativity is great, Overall for the Creativity is 10/10 again!Good job sir!

Upgrades-There are lots of upgrades to get more things in your stomach.I like the Santa hat and the bigger mouth the best.You can fly with the Santa hat and kill anything in the air.With the bigegr mouth I can get more combos and rampages.

Lots of Upgrades!It's awesome!Overall of upgrades is 10/10!Again!

Short Summary-In my opinion, I think this is the best game I've ever played.The story is great, I love it!A worm taking revenge on Santa because of a crappy gift?That's the best story!Gameplay is simple and great!It's very original and I hope you make more of these!There are so many Upgrades I cant even rememebr them all!Overall, I give it a 10/10!Good job Effing and Sos!


Overall Ranting-5Woot!!! All my 5 R belong to this!